2015 mentors

Executive Team

caroline ho

Caroline Ho – Exec Lead

Caroline is a junior (and Code Camp 2013 alum) from San Carlos, CA majoring in Symbolic Systems. When not coding, she enjoys talking late into the night with friends, writing satire about all things CS/Silicon Valley, going out swing dancing, and making terrible puns.

wendy li

Wendy Li – Finance Team Lead

Wendy is a master's student from Berkeley, California studying Electrical Engineering. Her hobbies include reading about cool tech products, browsing Imgur and looking for hipster boba stores.

kristine guo

Kristine Guo – People Team Lead

Kristine is a sophomore from Broomfield, CO, studying Computer Science. You can usually find her coding, sleeping, eating, or some combination of the three. In her free time, she loves playing taiko, discovering new memes, and looking for soft dogs to pet.

anjini karthik

Anjini Karthik – Events Team Lead

Anjini is a sophomore (and 2014-16 high school liaison) from Sunnyvale, CA. She is excited about the applications of computer science to healthcare and serves on the board of Stanford Students in Biodesign. She is also a dancer on the Stanford Bhangra team, and in her free time, she enjoys traveling, learning photography, sampling street food, and spending time at CoHo.

crystal escolero

Crystal Escolero – Outreach Team Lead

Crystal is a senior from Rockville, Maryland studying Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Human Computer Interaction. She loves pursuing creative projects like podcasting, fiction writing, and photography. On an average day you might find her thrift shopping, laughing at herself, hiking, or in a parking lot eating Taco Bell.

anna lee

Anna Lee – Finance Team

Anna is a freshman from Old Tappan, NJ and interested in studying Mathematics and Computational Science. One of her other passions besides computer science is fencing and she is also a member of Stanford's fencing team. In her free time, she loves to take photos, explore campus with friends, and hike.

lucy zhu

Lucy Zhu – Finance Team

Lucy is a freshmen planning to major in CS. When not studying, she's usually drawing on a Cintiq at Lathrop, drinking Boba tea, or biking around the campus.

victoria gardner

Victoria Gardner – People Team

Victoria is a currently undeclared freshman from Lancaster, PA. She is also a member of the Stanford University Triathlon Team, and in her free time, she enjoys napping, spending time with friends, traveling, eating, photography, and horrible puns.

carmelle millar

Carmelle Millar – People Team

Carmelle Millar is a junior at Stanford majoring in Computer Science. Her first coding class was at Stanford. She is passionate about education, and outside of GTGTC, mentors kids through the Breakout Mentors Bay Area program. Originally from Santa Clarita, Carmelle often misses Venice Beach and Malibu trips—but she’s still pretty stoked to be here in Silicon Valley. Favorite programming languages: Python and JavaScript.

sara frigui

Sara Frigui – People Team

Sara is a freshman from Louisville, KY. She is interested in the natural sciences as well as computer science, and is thinking of majoring in biomedical computation. In her free time, she loves drinking boba, bingewatching Netflix, and finding Twitter memes.

chloe barreau

Chloe Barreau – People Team

Chloe Barreau is a freshman from Hong Kong intending to major in CS+Art or Symbolic Systems. She enjoys nibbling on carrots, reading about AI and e-commerce, listening to podcasts, as well as experimenting with clay, painting and poetry.

ayushi chandaria

Ayushi Chandaria – Events Team

Ayushi is a sophomore from Singapore, who is interested in computer science and design. She enjoys being creative and is excited to use design and technology to create a social impact. Her hobbies include traveling, dancing and eating Nutella.

kathy huang

Kathy Huang – Events Team

Kathy is a freshman from Carmel, IN studying engineering. She loves visual arts, exploring new places, online shopping but without actually purchasing anything, and dogs.

jackie yau

Jackie Yau – Events Team

Jackie is currently a junior majoring in computer science and her hobbies include reading and playing video games.

jenny zhi

Jenny Zhi – Events Team

Jenny is a freshman from Troy, Michigan. Her academic interests include computer science and linguistics (but as a freshman, she's open to learning everything!!). In her free time, she enjoys watching Chinese period dramas, dancing, eating everything, stealthily grabbing swag from career fairs, and the color blue.

tess rinaldo

Tess Rinaldo – Outreach Team

Tess is a junior from Colorado Springs, Colorado, majoring in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Computational Neuroscience. She is eagerly awaiting the singularity. When she's not sitting in front of her computer or in the lab, you can find her hiking, painting, watching documentaries, or finding new music for KZSU.

grace cheng

Grace Cheng – Outreach Team

Grace is a freshman from Westborough, Massachusetts studying Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and flute, listening to music, cooking, watching TED talks, and exploring the outdoors!

starr jiang

Starr Jiang – Outreach Team

Starr is a sophomore from San Jose, California, studying computer science and English. She's passionate about the applications of tech in education and art. In her free time, you can find her writing her next story, binge-watching Netflix, and laughing about nothing in particular with her roommate.

christina ding

Christina Ding – Outreach Team

Christina is a freshman from Bellevue, WA planning on studying Symbolic Systems. She loves playing violin and composing music, and because of this, she is also interested in computer music and algorithmic composition. In her free time, she enjoys eating ramen noodles with friends, listening to K-Pop, and watching Tiny House videos on YouTube.

sahar markovich

Sahar Markovich – Outreach Team

Sahar is a freshman (and 2016-2017 high school liaison) from Los Altos, California, planning to major in Computer Science. When she's not coding or doing math psets, you can find her online shopping or doing her millionth Marvel binge, often at the same time. In her free time, she enjoys kicking others under the pretense of practicing Taekwondo, planning her next tattoo/piercing, spontaneous trips to Santa Cruz, and spending time with her baby sister.

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