Hackathons and Ideathons

In an effort to increase female participation in hackathons, GTGTC outreach leads a quarterly hackathon/ideathon program within the high school liaisons program. Learn more about participating at each hackathon here or by clicking on a specific event below:

A member of GTGTC outreach provides the liaisons with templates to organize hackathons/ideathons at their schools and holds the liaisons accountable for meeting deadlines to ensure a successful hackathon/ideathon. Liaisons who express interest in going above and beyond the usual duties of a GTGTC liaison are placed in a group of three other such liaisons. These groups are formed based on geographic proximity and similarity of coding experience amongst the women at the liaisons’ schools. Liaisons and GTGTC outreach leadership work together to decide if a hackathon or ideathon is appropriate for a given group of liaisons. Most hackathon/ideathons are set to occur late January/early February. Liaisons hand in their responses to GTGTC templates every week and a half and receive individual feedback. GTGTC outreach leadership also holds check-ins with the liaisons to guarantee they remain on track for their deadlines.

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