Why Should I Participate?

  • You'll never know until you try!
    The Girls Teaching Girls to Code program strives to debunk common misconceptions surrounding Computer Science and computer programming. We want to show our students that they can code, that coding is useful and fun, and that there are cool women mentors in the field.
  • No computer science knowledge necessary.
    Our classes are designed for beginners with no programming experience. You will learn everything you need to get started in the programming basics class. To participate, you only need an open mind and some enthusiasm!
  • Customize your experience.
    We're all good at different things. Computer Science is an incredibly flexible field that can be applied in so many different ways, and the Girls Teaching Girls to Code curriculum reflects that. There's truly something for everyone!
  • Build cool projects.
    In the Girls Teaching Girls to Code curriculum, all students will build real projects (a website, a responsive robot, an interactive game, etc.), which you can showcase to your friends and family.
  • Meet helpful mentors. Get valuable advice.
    Our program maintains a high mentor-to-student ratio, so each student has the opportunity for individualized interactions with current college students. Our mentors are driven and accomplished young women who are excited to advise the Girls Teaching Girls to Code students.
  • Open opportunities for yourself.
    In the current job market, there’s a huge demand for people with technical, engineering backgrounds. In fact, the tech jobs that are available for hire outnumber the graduates who can fill them. Having programming skills makes you a strong candidate for many, many internships and jobs in the future.
  • Feel empowered and inspired!

Awesome! How Do I Sign Up?

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